Royalty-Free Plays

I can see you’re looking for a unique piece at the right price. You’ve come to the right place.

Feng Shui for Cubists
A young copywriter meets the real mad men of advertising and is tasked with finding a way to sell the byproducts of hydraulic fracturing as an ice-cream-like treat to children in developing nations

The aging actress, her rival, a transgender and dear, sweet Thelma: Four will audition for the role of Juliet, but which one will have what it takes to die the perfect death?

Jsem Robot
Two mice from Wisconsin meet a suicidal robot on the back-streets of Prague.

Tis Better to Be Vile than Vile Esteem’d
A dinner party with your boss, a mistress and two homeless people. Nothing could possibly go wrong here…

The Closest Distance
A drug-addicted woman tries to extract a happy memory from her dementia-suffering mother.

The Dilettantes
There’s nothing annoying about people taking pictures of paintings, and these two think they’re the best at it.

Mary Courage & Her Children

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